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This website privacy policy describes how Papermill Calligraphy protects and makes use of the information you give the company when you use this website.

If you are asked to provide information when using this website, it will only be used in the ways described in this privacy policy.

The policy is updated from time to time. The latest version is published on this page.

The website privacy policy was updated on 16/02/2022

If you have any questions about this policy, please email


We gather and use certain information about individuals in order to provide products and services and to enable certain functions on this website.

We also collect information to better understand how visitors use this website and to present timely, relevant information to them.

What data we gather

We may collect the following information:


Contact information including email address

Your enquiry/message

Demographic information, such as postcode

Website usage data

Other information relevant to client enquiries

Other information pertaining to special offers and surveys

Google Analytics

IP address (this also helps us block repeated spam)

Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics stores information about:

The pages you visit on the website

How long you spend on each website page

What you click on while you’re visiting the site

We don’t collect or store your personal information (for example your name or address) unless you have actively passed it on to us, so this information can’t be used to identify who you are.

How we store your data

When you consent to filling in the enquiry form, your data is stored on the website’s database and also emailed to the admin email associated with that form.

How we use this data

We use this data to contact you about your enquiry.

Google reCAPTCHA

ReCAPTCHA collects personal information from users to make this determination of whether they are human and not a bot to prevent SPAM. The reCAPTCHA algorithm checks to see if there is a Google cookie placed on the computer being used. An additional reCAPTCHA-specific cookie will then be added to the user’s browser allowing a complete snapshot of the user’s browser window at that moment in time.

Information gathered includes:

All cookies placed by Google over the last 6 months

How many mouse clicks you’ve made on that screen (or touches on a touch device)

The CSS information for that page

The date

The language your browser is set to

Any plugins you have installed on the browser

All Javascript objects

You can read Google’s terms and privacy for more information.


We always hold your information securely.

To prevent unauthorised disclosure or access to your information we have implemented security safeguards.

We also follow stringent procedures to ensure we work with all personal data in line with the in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018.

Data Breaches

We will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

Right to be Forgotten

You can request to review or remove your data at any time by contacting

Cookie Policy

Our aim at Papermill Calligraphy is to give you the smoothest and simplest experience while you browse our website. To continually enhance your experience we use cookies that store your preferences and give us data about what pages you visited, how much time you spent on our site etc. This helps us to improve your experience on our website. The cookies used do not store any information that is personal in nature and it is only analysed in an aggregated manner.

Please find below some more information regarding cookies and their use on our website:

What are Cookies?

Like many websites, we use cookies to help us monitor your use of the website. These cookies are used by Google Analytics so that we know when you’ve visited one page and then another. We also use cookies if you login to our website with a username and password we’ve given you. A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. Every cookie is unique to your particular web browser. It will contain some anonymous information.

How we use cookies

We may use cookies to:

Analyse our web traffic using an analytics package. Aggregated usage data helps us improve the website structure, design, content and functions.
To recognise when you return to our website.

Cookies do not provide us with access to your computer or any information about you, other than which you choose to share with us.

Google Analytics Cookies

You can “opt out” of Google Analytics cookies by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on here: Google Tools

This will block Google Analytics on all websites, or you can configure your browser to block cookies.

Controlling Cookies

You can use your web browser’s cookie settings to determine how our website uses cookies. If you do not want our website to store cookies on your computer or device you should set your web browser to refuse cookies.

How can you manage cookies?

To enable cookies

If you’re not sure of the type and version of web browser you use to access the Internet:

  • For PCs: click on ‘Help’ at the top of your browser window and select the ‘About’ option
  • For Macs: with the browser window open, click on the Apple menu and select the ‘About’ option
  • How to check cookies are enabled for PCs

    Click on ‘Tools’ at the top of your browser window and select Options
    Click the ‘Under the Hood’ tab, locate the ‘Privacy’ section, and select the ‘Content settings’ button
    Now select ‘Allow local data to be set’

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
    Click on ‘Tools’ at the top of your browser window and select ‘Internetoptions’ , then click on the ‘Privacy’ tab
    Ensure that your Privacy level is set to Medium or below, which will enable cookies in your browser
    Settings above Medium will disable cookies

    Mozilla Firefox
    Click on ‘Tools’ at the top of your browser window and select Options
    Then select the Privacy icon
    Click on Cookies, then select ‘allow sites to set cookies’

    Click on the Cog icon at the top of your browser window and select the ‘Preferences’ option
    Click on ‘Security’, check the option that says ‘Block third-party and advertising cookies’
    Click ‘Save’Chrome

    How to check cookies are enabled for Macs

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 on OSX
    Click on ‘Explorer’ at the top of your browser window and select ‘Preferences’ options
    Scroll down until you see ‘Cookies’ under Receiving Files
    Select the ‘Never Ask’ option

    Safari on OSX
    Click on ‘Safari’ at the top of your browser window and select the ‘Preferences’ option
    Click on ‘Security’ then ‘Accept cookies’
    Select the ‘Only from site you navigate to’

    Mozilla and Netscape on OSX
    Click on ‘Mozilla’ or ‘Netscape’ at the top of your browser window and select the ‘Preferences’ option
    Scroll down until you see cookies under ‘Privacy & Security’
    Select ‘Enable cookies for the originating web site only’

    Click on ‘Menu’ at the top of your browser window and select ‘Settings’
    Then select ‘Preferences’, select the ‘Advanced’ tab
    Then select ‘Accept cookies’ option
    All other browsers
    Please consult your documentation or online help files.

    How to Disable/Delete Cookies:

    All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie preferences. These are generally found in the options menu on the browser. Click here

    Further information about cookies

    If you’d like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them, visit (opens in a new window – please note that we can’t be responsible for the content of external websites).

    Changes to this policy

    The above may change at any time. We will endeavour to notify you of any major changes but you may wish to check it each time you visit our website. Last updated 16/02/2022

    Links from our site

    Our website may contain links to other websites.

    Please note that we have no control of websites outside of If you provide information to a website to which we link, we are not responsible for its protection and privacy.